About Us

Sistars* is an international initiative

for girls between the ages of 12-16

The goal of this project is to connect girls from across the globe in a strong network of Sistars*, and for us older, more experienced women to hold space for and contribute to their joint passage into womanhood.

Sistars will empower the next generation through education, sistercircles, camps, platforms on social media and other important channels. Supporting their early stages of womanhood, inspiring their future lives as adult women.

Passing on knowledge and compassion from generation to generation of women, we created a sacred space where these young women can feel seen and heard. A place where they can talk about things like appearance, friendship, love, relationships, sexuality, sisterhood, menstruation, stress, and emotions.

Most of all, we provide a safe haven for them to courageously ask all those curious questions older women may be able to answer.

Questions that you might have wanted answered when you were their age.


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For far too long now, women have been prosecuted, violated and ridiculed for their wisdom, courage and stanza. Now is the time to let go of fear and to step forward and gather.

Indigenous tribes have rituals for entering womanhood, which prepare the young women culturally for the future they face as they gradually become an adult. Most societies today have become separate devaluated entities; each family or individual left to its own devices. Generations collide. Valuable knowledge is lost.

Young women turn to peer attachment, comparing themselves to and learning from their peers about being peers. A closed circuit. When the people a young woman mirrors herself in all have exactly the same age and level of emotional challenges, the lack of emotionally mature guidance creates confusion and spiritual loneliness.

This gaping hole where aloneness is hidden in the midst of a seeming belonging is a core reason why so many girls get locked down in self-hatred, comparing themselves to each other and to the false images of the media, lost in a painful circle of competition.

This is also what gives rise to self-harm, addictions, non-loving sex life, stress, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts and attempts.

Peer attachment can never replace the attachment young women have to the adults in the world around them. The only thing that can address, and take care of, these destructive patterns is to create an alternative space, where loving, wise, and genuinely compassionate adults can serve as a place of real attachment and mature support.